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The Stock Market Game at Hostos CC of the CUNY Research Creativity Summit Spring 2018

The Mathematics behind the Stock Market Game (SMG)

CUNY Research Summit
Creativity in STEM at Hostos Community College of
the City University of New York
on Saturday, May 12th, 2018, by Ruben Worrell and Vincent Young

Paper Presentation Title:

The Mathematics behind the Stock Market Game for our Students at Hostos Community College to be presented by Ruben Worrell from the Mathematics Department at Hostos Community College, and Mr. Vincent Young from the SIFMA Foundation here in NYC.

Abstract: The SIFMA Foundation’s Stock Market Game program provides students with a unique opportunity to see the math that they are learning in the classroom as applied to the real world. It is an opportunity as well for students to apply what they’ve learned to the essential life skill of investing and saving. The program’s Math Behind the Market student’s activity book provide students with some ideas for making the transition from a regular math text book to applications in the real world. A FINRA funded study by the American Institute for Research found that students who participates in the SIFMA foundation’s Stock Market Game program performed much better on math assessment tests than other students. Students will review concepts such as slopes, trends, expectations, Odds in favor and against, and the statistics of their investments in their respective ePortfolio at the end of the semester.

Presenters (Non-student): Mr. Vincent Young, and Mr. Ruben Worrell


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