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    Lisa Marie Rhody

    Hi there! Welcome to the GC Stitch Ins group!

    The idea for this group came from a conversation between Jenny Furlong and Lisa Rhody about how nice it would be to occasionally work on projects, chat, and see what other people around the GC might be working on. We thought something loose and informal where we could simply pick up a project we were working on during lunch could be fun.

    There’s no pretense here about anyone’s abilities. Frankly, I’m a novice. I know how to make scarves and hats… and not very well. But I enjoy it… and it would be fun to connect with people throughout the GC over our projects.

    If we’re going to meet, the toughest part of doing so is finding a good day or time to do so. We can use the GC Digital Scholarship Lab (7414) for meetings if we wish. To get the conversation going, perhaps you could reply to this thread with 3 days/times in order of preference like this:

    1. First Wednesday each month @ 1-2 PM
    2. Second Thursday each month @ 1-2 PM
    3. First Friday each month @ 12-2 PM

    Let’s see if this works!


    I’m available:

    1. Mondays @ 12-1 PM
    2. Wednesdays @ 12-2 PM
    3. Mondays @ 4-6 PM
    4. Wednesdays @ 4-6 PM


    Jody R. Rosen

    If we can’t get a meeting together, can we share what we’re working on here?

    I am making a seed-stitch hat in the round. It took many tries before I finally realized the difficulty in knitting in the round with seed stitch is that the last stitch of the round is going to be the same as the first stitch of either the first row or the second row, and that even though it looks like it’s next to the first stitch of the second round (because it’s in the round), it’s really the last stitch of the first round. Whew. I finally got it right, but then don’t like the way the decrease came out for the crown of the head, so I’ll be tearing it out back down to before the decrease.

    I used Karabella bulky yarn, an ultrafine merino and cashmere blend that I got at School Products right near the GC just before a meeting (I’m not based at the GC). Such great yarn! I found out it’s been discontinued–so glad I got to work with it before it’s all gone!

    Happy stitching,


    Lisa Marie Rhody

    That’s a great idea! I left my project at home and can’t remember what kind of yarn I was working on, but I’ll post about it later. Where did you get the pattern? Also, I can’t believe that I didn’t know that School Products existed, and I’m going to plan a trip up there soon! (As if I needed a work stash and a home stash!) I’m often in a meeting prior to our Commons meetings on Friday, but I’d love to bring in a project to work on during our meetings later this month. I’ve been doing more crochet lately, because it’s been easier to manage while watching fencing matches… which I guess is a thing I do now.

    The hat I was working on… I think I need to reduce the size of the needles. It just kept coming out too loose… and I wanted to put one of those big puffy pompoms on top. I might bring that one to work with me tomorrow if anyone’s around who might be interested in helping me find a better pattern…

    Can’t wait to see how the next iteration of that hat turns out, Jody!




    Jennifer S. Furlong

    Hi All,

    Stop by 3300.17 in the GC and I’m happy to do knitting consultations, lol.

    Also, if we can’t manage to sort out meeting at the GC, would anyone ever want to go to Knit at Night with me at Café Cummings on East 6th Street?  It’s every Tuesday from 6-8 p.m., though good to get there around 5:45. It’s a great vibe. I’ve been trying to make it once/month.  I sometimes meet a librarian friend from NYC, but I’ve also gone by myself for a drink and great chats with other knitters.






    Hey! I ‘d love to do something at the GC in terms of knitting (I’ve got another baby hat to do and I am working on my scraps blanket, as well as a sweater). Tuesday nights are hard in the winter, since I’ve got my kids running in different directions but hopefully after the end of the skating season, then I can come as a knitting and drink sounds great!

    otherwise I am at the GC all the time and I’d love to knit with you all.




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