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EDR 605 Spring 2017

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Poetry Slam #1

EDR 605

February 27, 2017


For the baby that grew inside me, we love you more than you know. We loved you immediately. It didn’t even occur to me otherwise. How it happened was a miracle. I didn’t know it could happen.I was always warned it couldn’t. I didn’t imagine myself as a mother yet but I knew that I would be good at it. I imagined a full life together, happy as could be. Playgrounds, parks, birthdays, and hugs. I was excited. He was excited. This was something we never knew we wanted but now couldn’t imagine life otherwise.

Then one day, i wasn’t pregnant anymore.

You were gone.

Those dreams were gone.

Flushed down the drain.

It took 40 minutes to stop bleeding.

I sat in the bathroom of my job in blood soaked jeans.

Thinking how i was going to explain this to him.

After our trip to the doctor, the news i was already expecting had come.

I was back to being alone.

I went back to the doctor and found out some parts of you were still inside of me.

But now they were multiplying and growing at a rapid speed.

My uterus was taken over by foreign cells.

Not the cells of my child but cells of the devil.

I was growing a cancer inside me created by the miscarriage of my child.

Months of chemotherapy and then more months.

Abused  body.

Sore skin.

Sick stomach.

Tired soul.