Demystifying technological environments

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Intro to MALS: Demystifying Technological Environments
Joan Greenbaum/ Fall 2015/ Tuesdays 6:30-8:30
MALS 70000 [28841] Room 3212 office: 6304.25

This course critically examines technologies in their environmental context including social and political frameworks. Technologies are part of our material culture, so as we immerse ourselves in this we will be asking: Who uses what, for which purposes and why? In reflecting on historical interactions of technology and social/political contexts we will draw on a mix of readings, images, sites, films and methods, including: environmental psychology; social history; and sociological and economic studies and theories.

Technologies don’t drop from the sky, or get invented out of thin air. We will look at their origin stories and how they get created and what actions people really take interacting and shaping material culture.

Demystifying technological environments

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