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Fwd: Upcoming Events: On Philology with Nadia Altschul

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    Hi All —

    Please see notice of an upcoming event of interest at Columbia below:

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Grant Wythoff <>

    Nadia Altschul
    On Philology

    6:15pm, 18 Feb 2015
    Heyman Center for the Humanities
    Second Floor Common Room

    Philology and the reconstruction of texts has been a main humanistic method
    since the purported end of the middle ages. Today’s exchange will delve
    into the history of philology and its basic methodological assumptions,
    bringing to the fore some of its colonial underpinnings, and asking digital
    humanists, as part of the conversation, about connections between DH and
    this core method in humanities research.

    Event is free and open to the public. Seating is first come, first served

    More info: and

    Part of the series On Method in the Humanities

    While much time has been spent theorizing the “digital” in Digital
    Humanities, the On Method in the Humanities series seeks to gain a greater
    understanding of the heritage and future of humanistic inquiry. In addition
    to traditional talks and presentations, the aim of the series is to stage
    productive encounters between theory and method, connecting top theorists
    and model-makers with makers of things, builders of code, and architects of
    the pixel.

    Lectures will examine the range of theoretical and practical methods used
    by humanities scholars and critics, past and present. Following Thomas
    Kuhn, how can we outline paradigms of humanistic inquiry? What are the
    national specificities of these methods? How are the technological
    challenges and opportunities provided by new research methods
    (computational, quantitative) and new organizational structures (labs,
    workshops, co-working) tethered to epistemological shifts as well?

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