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CUNY Digital History Project

The CUNY History Project team will coordinate, collect, organize, and present material to facilitate the study and understanding of this unique institution and its local and global significance.


Let’s Plan the 3/18/13 mtg.

  • Hi all,
    Our next meeting is scheduled for M. 3/18 from 4:30-6:30 in room 3209. It’s a “smart room” so I’ve asked Luke if he’d start the meeting by giving us a quick tutorial on the uses of the Academic Commons. Then we can collectively decide how we may be able to use it to best meet our needs at this stage of the project. Luke and others have also suggested that we have follow-up discussions as a group, and we flesh out some of the issues that arose in the 2 committees at the last meeting. Please reply by adding a comment to this topic and in this way we will play with yet another function the Commons offers.
    You can find notes from past meetings if you click “files” and editable documents from the committees under “Docs” Thanks, Andrea.

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  • Unfortunately, I’m slated to babysit that Monday. Grumble.

    On 3/5/13 5:52 PM, “CUNY Academic Commons” wrote:

    Hi all,
    These initial notes look like a great start. In addition to fleshing out the issues from the two discussion groups, it may be a good idea to start thinking about how we can begin to assemble what we’ve come up with so far to the purpose of the grant application ( i.e., decide which themes to include, which initial CUNY libraries & archives we’ll be working with, etc).
    Looking forward to seeing everyone on the 18th!

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