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The premise of this year’s CUE Conference on May 2 at LaGuardia Community College is a comprehensive and holistic definition of learning which integrates academic achievement and student development. Seen in this light, students combine cognitive, emotional, and experiential elements into greater knowledge, maturity, and judgment as they progress through their college careers. As recognition of this interdependence has grown in higher education, many institutions have sought to engage the whole campus in a common effort to educate the “whole student”. How do we define and organize our work to meet this goal? How can we connect the “silos” which too often contain and limit our efforts? How do we assess these efforts, and how can our assessments encourage further integrative initiatives?

This year’s CUE Conference themes are:

First-Year Programming
Advisement and Student Support Services
Co-curricular Learning: Experiential and Service
Bridging Cognitive and Affective Learning
Faculty-Student Collaborations
Encouraging Transfer: Curricula and Support Services
Capstone Courses and Career Preparation

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CUE Conference 2014: Learning Inside and Outside the Classroom

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