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The Community College Participatory Action Research Collaborative (CCPARC) is a center and clearinghouse for community college research by, with, and for community college faculty, professional staff, administration, and student researchers with the aim of bringing their scholarship into the broader conversation on community college research, thereby contributing to emerging policy at the state and national level.

We look forward to contributing our individual research as well as coordinating our efforts to generate collaborative studies that can address the pressing issues that make an impact at college, city, state and federal levels. We aim to amplify our voices as scholars and experts.

This group connects scholars interested in community college research from across CUNY and is housed at BMCC.

We also intend to advocate for rigorous Participatory Action Research from researchers at other colleges, universities, or centers who wish to conduct research on and with faculty, students, and professional staff, and curricula at CUNY Community Colleges

We have created a board, and we hope to include a representative from each CUNY institutions. We currently have a board member from BCC, but we are looking for board members from the other remaining CUNY community colleges. The board will help plan a yearly consortium and coordinate currently existing and emerging projects. For interest in the board, please email Associate Professor of Academic Literacy and Linguistics Maureen Matarese at

Community College Participatory Action Research Collaborative (CCPARC)

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