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Faculty and colleagues empowering Students
The mentoring program will serve as a significant unit of City College by fostering the retention, academic success and graduation of our students .This program will encourage academic excellence, self-esteem and personal growth for all the participating students.

What is a FACES mentor?
Mentoring can be defined as the process of one person supporting, teaching, guiding and serving as the role model for another person. Successful mentors are committed, influential and experienced faculty/staff members that are familiar with the university system. Mentors are interested in and committed to the growth and development of their mentee(s), and are willing to commit time and attention to their mentees, can and do give honest feedback and are willing to act on behalf of the mentee to provide connections and direction on questions that come up. Often the greatest assistance a mentor can provide is simply the identification of which staff he or she should approach for which task. The mentor should treat all interactions and discussions in confidence. Mentors should also take the initiative for contacting their mentees and staying in touch with them. They should also devote time to the relationship and try to be available when requested.

Devoting the time to the mentoring relationship and have regular interactions with the mentor.
Make use of the opportunities provided by the mentor.
Keeping the mentor informed of academic progress, difficulties and concerns.
Exchanging ideas and experiences with the mentor
-Jerry Kornbluth

Meetings for Spring 2013:
March 15, 12-1, NAC 5/101
April 12, 12-1, NAC 5/101
May 24, 12-1, NAC 5/101


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