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    Jim Russell

    So what klind of content could we look to develop?

    Campus Coordinator list to get the word out.
    Resources such as graphics to get the word out.
    Links to campus policiies or pages on cycling (yeah I know, not many but places like Columbia have extensive content…)
    Links to bike shops
    Links to on-line resources


    Routes to campus are relevant for places far afield like CSI. I occasionally field informal inquiries from colleagues who want to ride, but don’t know the best/safest route. Maybe a wiki with links to routes on MapMyRide or some other .gpx style map site?


    @mandiberg That’s true! I lived on Staten Island a few years back and worked at CSI for a semester… but I could not get the nerve to bike up there. It was just too darn scary. (I lived down by the Outerbridge Crossing.)

    Maybe we should consider creating docs for the list of routes and other material? That way, the info will live in this group instead of out on the separate wiki space.

    But, yes, we’ll definitely need flyers & things that we can post (with permission as necessary) on our campuses/offices. Unless someone here is an experienced graphic designer and wants to jump in, I’m going to take a stab at designing a flyer. (ETA: I’ve enlisted the help of Melissa from Makewell to help us design a logo for the group! She and her partner are being very generous and providing the work pro bono.)

    Perhaps somewhere down the line, we’ll want to partner with Transportation Alternatives and/or Bike New York to offer workshops and other events (to encourage cycling and promote safety)? And maybe we can plan group rides around NYC?

    …I keep thinking long-term. I can’t think of anything else we need to get started on right away. Hope others jump in with their suggestions!


    I work at CSI Library and I biked to campus from brooklyn a few times– never found a decent route and gave it up– I would love to know a safe route to get from the ferry to campus

    Josh Tankel

    The New York Cycle Club publishes several routes on Staten Island in their ride library. Don’t know if any take you near CSI though


    @Brian There are two routes I take:

    Flatter route with more traffic:
    Richmond Terrace to Port Richmond to Willowbrook (zig zag right onto Watchogue for 1 block) to Victory.

    Hillier prettier route with less traffic:
    Richmond Terrace. L on Lafayette. Right on Henderson. Left on Bement. Cross Forest. Right on Raleigh (zig zag on Broadway) to Clove. Left on Clove, Right on Martling. Right on Manor. Left on College. Left on Willowbrook. Right on victory.
    – on the way back you go straight on College to Brookside to Martling, and you take Purcell and Morrison, rather than Raleigh.

    Take the lane on Victory
    On Victory approaching the college entrance I find it safer to ride in the center refuge lane the entire way. You have to be somewhat careful of cars making left turns into the 278 entrance, but I find it much safer than trying to cross traffic into the left turn lane later. Leaving the college I stay right on Victory until N Gannon, and then move into the refuge lane (usually at the stopped light) in preparation for the left onto WIllowbrook.

    Stefanie Havelka

    isn’t May Bike month in NYC? We could maybe do something with it?
    And yes I bike from Upper Manhattan to Bronx, and I take and okay route, but maybe it is not the safest…so I would love to find a better way to ride


    May is actually National Bike Month! Bike to Work Week is May 14-18 and Bike to Work Day is Friday, May 18. I was thinking we could have some t-shirts printed (with a logo TBD) and wear ’em on our rides to/from work on May 18?

    Oh! And there’s a bike shop in Brooklyn that’s a bike shop / cafe / bar: Red Lantern Bicycles. Maybe we can meet up there for drinks/coffee after work during Bike Week (or on the 18th while we’re wearing our snazzy, locally printed shirts)?

    Any other thoughts or ideas?


    Random info
    If you’re looking for tubes and need them locally rather than ordering online
    And you live/ride in Brooklyn
    Figured my scratch pad research should go somewhere…

    Prices/types of bike tubes (700 x 23) in Brooklyn and how late the shops are open
    Ride Brooklyn $6.99 7 pm
    Bespoke $10 Schwalbe 7 pm
    718 Cyclery $6 Q-tube 9 pm
    Brooklyn Bike and Board $5 Q-tube 9 pm
    Dixon’s $6 Kenda 7:30 pm
    Bicycle Habitat (Brooklyn) 7.62 (includes tax) Bontrager and Specialized 8 pm

    I didn’t call Bicycle Station, but Steve who owns it is very good and I’m sure he’s reasonable.

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