Professor Aptekar’s URB 610: Research Methods in Urban Studies

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Throughout the semester, you will be asked to respond to a discussion prompt. After the initial post, you will also be asked to return to the forum to comment on your classmates’ posts. Although the questions and prompts will vary from week to week, the format for discussion posts and replies will remain the same. You will need to post an initial response to the prompt by Tuesday at 8 p.m. and at least two responses to your classmates by class time on Thursday at 6 p.m.

Many of you are juggling important responsibilities in addition to completing this and other courses. I encourage you to set up a weekly calendar reminder to help you meet the posting requirements. I have carefully integrated discussions into the course because they are a powerful learning opportunity. One of the best ways to learn new content is to have to explain it to someone else. The original posts ask you to reflect on and apply what you are learning. This process of summarizing and consolidating your learning will help you retain the information. When responding to your classmates, you are asked to recall information, put it into context, and ask questions. This recall and application is also a powerful part of the learning process and research has shown that it helps you to remember key ideas and concepts.

Click on the Library link in the menu on the left to see a rubric for discussion (how to tell whether you are doing a good job on the discussion board).

Professor Aptekar’s URB 610: Research Methods in Urban Studies

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