Where I’m From

Where I’m From

I am from a family of single moms

Forced to play the roles of mother and father

I am from an empty home and an empty bed,

That I would only come to lay my head on at night

I am from a front door with four locks,

which I could only open to a secret knock

Up, down, side, side 

I am from the “ghetto”

Where you have to walk home with your eyes glued to the concrete to avoid trouble

I am from hospital room number 5,

The one that smelled like Pepto Bismol and had princess stickers all over the walls

I am from nebulizers and asthma pumps that were meant to help me,

But instead kept me from my childhood

I am from the Barnes and Noble on 86th Street,

My only sanctuary during my adolescence

Now, I am from Sophie Davis

a place that seems like a miracle but that will take me to my dreams

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