Theory of Writing

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Lizbeth Basurto
December 19, 2019
Theory of Writing
At the beginning of this course, Freshman Composition, I gave myself high unrealistic expectations of myself as a writer. An expectation that I’ve however to meet of my process of writing throughout the course. I was simply trusting in my writing that I didn’t see much of the reality. As time went on, I noticed that I’ve slacked off a bit. It was very remarkable in my writing assignments throughout the course. Challenges of how to start, transitioning and as well ending my writing was quite complicated for me. The stress of attempting to obtain a good enough way to start it and as well the conclusion. These are challenges that I had complications with my writing.

The first writing assignment, the Literacy Narrative was the assignment I stressed less about. It was stressful because the information was based on my experience and was less complex compared to the other assignments given following on. The first challenge I had with this was including the key rhetorical terms. As I’ve never used the terms beforehand, making sure using the key terms correctly was challenging. To use the key rhetorical terms a bit understandable for me, I outlined and writing down the information for each term. Being it done this way helped with the organization of the essay and made the writing process less challenging. Before beginning the writing process, a textbook named “The Norton Field Guide To Writing” by Richard Bullock, provided the information of the key rhetorical terms along with how to include it in the writing. Reading the chapter helped my writing by having a better understanding of the terms as I didn’t fully understand it completely. After reading the chapters provided, the writing process went more smoothly for me. The writing assignment was about my difficult transition I went as an elementary student from a bilingual class to an English class only. In my writing, I mentioned how it was to make such a transition and the difficulties I went through. My writing intentions is to send motivation to readers, may sound a bit- I’m not sure, but to send a message of courage to students. Students and Teachers who may come across my writing may understand from a different point of view. Students reading may understand the challenges faced at school even if they never experienced this but may somewhat connect to their difficulties. Teachers can grab the information of what may help a student out as I mentioned methods and lessons I’ve received from my teachers, and how it helped me learn the English language. My attitude on this writing would be straightforward, calm and smoothly giving the purpose and intentions.

Second writing assignment, the Source-Based Essay was challenging compared to the last assignment. Difficulties with this assignment would be the research as there is a lot of information on the internet. The search for evidence and information was uneasy as I wanted to make sure the ones I used relates to my topic and that I understand as well. Understanding the information is important for me because I wanted to learn about my topic as much. Interest took much of my time when doing this assignment. It took longer than I expected. My choice of topic is Global Warming as it has been a lot of opinions that whether it is true or false, and as well that world leaders are not taking serious actions to prevent it from reaching a dangerous point. Using the key rhetorical terms went well. I used the same strategy I used from the past assignment, outlining with each term. Writing the information for each and organizing it into my essay when finalizing. The writing process went smoothly for me. A complication I had to deal with is the timeline of the essay. I had trouble setting it in order as the events kept going back and forward. Even with this complication, I went on with my writing, and I tried my best at fitting in the events smoothly. When I had to revisit the past, my transition to it was a bit messy. As I didn’t know much of how to bring back information stated to connect it to the current I didn’t like my writing for this assignment. The rhetorical term, I wasn’t aware that I didn’t add it to my essay. After receiving the final grade and comments, that is when I released my mistake. Throughout writing the essay I didn’t even think once about the key rhetorical terms. I took this to regard myself a listing of what to attach, so for the following assignment, I would not overlook to include it. Overall, I’ve learned to be organized more, be more observant of what I am introducing and making sure the necessary part of the essay is combined as well (The Rhetorical Terms).

Finally, the Inquiry-Based Reseach Essay, as it is the last assignment its as well the far the most difficult for me. The most difficult part of this essay was the research as to when I would search for information irrelevant information comes up. In my Freshman Composition course for one of our sessions, we were taught how to navigate down information to make it simpler to research. I took that strategy for this assignment essay and it helped. Looking for information was now what smoothly as I didn’t have to look at each one to make sure it is related to my topic. My Inquiry-Based Research Essay topic is on World Leaders conflict and tensions as it affects the relationships of the leaders. I discussed past tensions and current as well. My question for the essay is, What prevents World leaders From Getting Along? I search based on the relationship between world leaders and what was the cause of it. Once again, I used the same strategy I developed for my first essay of including the rhetorical terms. In my writing, as I had to mention some information again, I attempted not to seem repeated. I worried about my essay being read with repeat information. I made sure to re-read my essay to observe any information that has been mentioned too many times and rephrase it differently.

Overall, my work in the Freshman Composition course, I felt that I could have done better if I personally asked to clarify some of the comments from my classmates as well as from the professor. Discuss with others what needs to be improved. In this course I definitely learned a lot more than I expected, I will be considering the feedback I’ve received for future writing assignments.