“The Black Cat” Edgar Allen Poe Comparison

"The Black Cat" Edgar Allen Poe Comparison

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To start off, I’d like to add that this image may scare some individuals because the demon-like half of the face sends a chill down your spine. In this image, the woman’s face is split into two where it portrays two versions of herself which we can relate back to the man from”the black cat”. In the beginning, the man was a lovely husband who adored his wife as well as his many pets. As he started drinking, there was a version of him that was revealed that terrified everyone around him especially his black cat. Referring back to this picture, when I first saw the ‘demonic’ half of this image, it really spooked me which is probably what his family experienced as they watch him transition to this ruthless individual. This can also relate back to the idea of how his consciousnesses presented themselves differently; when he was sober, he appeared to be loving versus his intoxicated self. His self-loathing ways forced him to believe that the black cat was a symbol of his weakness and in order to clear his guilt, he finds another black cat which he eventually grows to fear. This also shows the two sides of himself because there’s a part of him that wants to face the consequences but his constant battle with himself which leads to his own detriment.

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