Poetry Slam Draft 3

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Your fist against my face
The sirens getting louder
Shattered glass across the floor
The cuffs against your wrist

Courtesy, Respect, Professionalism
An exhale for just a brief second
The precinct a phone call away, I say “No!”

Our date ends with blood on my face
And an apology by the time you drive me back home
You say it was a mistake
I say nothing cause it isn’t the first time

Often too many times we are told to speak up
But when we do so we are shut down
Looked down upon because my name is on paperwork
And now the kids are involved. What did you see? Did he touch you?

Everything’s a joke when you thought it wouldn’t be you
When they tell you “leave him girl you can do better”
But it isn’t that easy when you feel shunned, locked in a tight space
Red and blue lights are too often an acquaintance.

The night gets cold that stench of alcohol makes me want to vomit,
much like every time you put your fist against my face
I put my fist against your chest cause “I don’t want you touching me, I don’t owe you anything!”
People will talk and I’ll never here the end of it

This is another one of those nights
They campaign about it and say speak up!
But a hotline ain’t gonna do it when there are 20,800 calls on hold
I feel his fist against my face like waves that knock me down and kicks that push me deeper

He tells me I’m not worth anything
That I could never make it on my own
His words hurt more than the knife he pressed against my neck
I should have jumped out the car when I had the chance.

But now you feel the cold pavement on you face
As his arms and knees press against your back
Put into a hold like the untamed pitbull you are
Bark now and see who falls to your call

Looking like a defenseless child, mope and weep your tears of shame
Now you play the victim
Feel the sirens drawing closer
Take it in, its your shining moment
Cameras, ready, action!
His mug shot a sneak preview of a replayed trailer

Every 9 seconds, 1 in 3 women, 1 in 7 men are victims of abuse
This coward accounts for 15% of all violent crime
It has no face, race, gender, nationality or socio-economic status
Will you join the cowards? Will you make it end? Will you take a stand?
To help heal a friend.