Poetry Slam Draft 1

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Keshawn is smart, kind, but oblivious young man

Uncertain that the world pre-judges him

Judges him on his outward appearance

I tell him keep your hood off when walking down the street

Keep your hands visual so all can see

When someone yells in your direction stop!

Be respectful, be obedient, be silent.


Hoods Off, Hands-Up, Hold Up

This is our Freedom

The new modern day slavery they call it.

Trayvon keep your hood off

Hands Up, Mike Brown obey and avoid restraints

Black boys got targets on their backs

With no-one willing to truly consider the facts.

They never really see Keshawn

The Keshawn I know

This tall, athletic, book smart kid

But what does the world see

A pistol packing drug dealer

But who is he really?

A brother, a son, a scholar


Black Lives Matter

Blue Lives Matter

All Lives Matter

Does it matter what lives matter?

If we are unjust in our actions

How can we justify our actions!

Keshawn be brave my child

Overcoming prejudice and oppression will take more time


Hoods Off, Hands-Up, Hold Up

Shoot first ask questions later

Wilson, Zimmerman, Hitler?

A melting pot of haters.

America the beautiful but only from the outside

Making America Great Again needs to start from the inside

Martin the King, Malcolm the Xample, Ghandi the Peacemaker

A country rooted in oppression

Convinced America is for equal opportunity

Civil Right still in question

Keshawn know you have rights

Rights to live your life

Right to be Innocent before proven guilty.


Tensions are high in all communities

Race riots, protests and rallies arise

But again, where is the unity?

Trump Towers, Walls, America does Fall!

Keshawn confident in his strides in the neighborhoods

With his hood on as we walk down the street

Hope tonight he don’t end up…..Held Up with his Hands up!