PD II H+P Reflection

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This semester, I believe I have vastly improved my H+P writing. In the beginning of PD, I would take creative liberty with writing my H+Ps and would deviate from H+P standard outlines. As I learned more clinically and with more exposure to clinical documentation, I now understand the importance of the standard outline as a communication tool between providers. I think one of the most difficult aspects of writing H+Ps is dictating what aspects of a patient history is/are important. This was very difficult in the beginning of the year, but as we accumulate knowledge, it becomes much easier to determine what is clinically relevant. I would like to work on the time  it takes me to complete H+Ps. Though I am improving, I still take a long time to complete them. I assume that the length of time will shorten with more practice and clinical exposure.

I do learn a lot from these exercises, and am proud of my improvement in this area. I think it would also be beneficial to have additional exposure to “fake EMRs”, like EPIC, because this is what we will use in this area and many fellow students have not used one before. I think that hand-written exercises helps with memory, but is not relevant to modern clinical day-to-day practice. I think the most helpful aspect of these exercise  is creating the plan and differentials because it ties in everything that we have learned throughout the year in a holistic, comprehensive manner.