“ Literary Narrative Essay Reflection”

“ Literary Narrative Essay Reflection”

Simone Smith
Professor, Furlong
“ Literary Narrative Essay Reflection”
In professor Furlong class we had to write an essay about what experiences we had in our life
that contributed to our reading and writing styles . The genre of the essay is an autobiographical
narrative essay based on my experiences with literacy
. What prompts me to write about this subject is because I was told to by my professor. It goes
towards my class grade. The purpose of writing the autobiographical narrative essay was to
complete the assignment to receive a grade that could increase my gpa so I can continue my path
to receive my college degree in biology. Also to inform the audience about how my writing and
reading skills developed. The audience is the professor, my classmate and the ccny english
department faculty. My relationship between me and the audience is student and teacher. The
relationship between myself and writing is not good. I personally do not like writing, but since I
have to it will get done. The relationship between me and my classmates is mutual. I think the
relationship would be more meaningful if we had classes in person. The relationship I have with
the medium, which is blackboard, to communicate my comparison essay is strong. I can properly
navigate blackboard. The assumption me and the audience share is the desire to learn and to
succeed. The knowledge me and my audience don’t share is education and college excluding my
classmates. My knowledge about college and education would be different from my professor
because his experience with college would be different from mine. Also education is higher than
mine because he has two degrees.
The assignment helped develop strategies for reading, drafting, collaborating, revising, and
editing. With this assignment I learn how to give helpful and receive helpful feedback to help my
writing. I also learned that drafts are meant to have mistakes. That’s what revising and editing is
for. For the essay we had to give two paragraphs as a draft for a peer review. When I received
my peer review it was insightful and helped point out some of the grammar or spelling errors I
made that I couldn’t see myself before. The peer review also gave me good feedback, like how I
structured my essay. They said, “.. flows smoothly to the next paragraph”, which gave me
confidence in my writing abilities. With this assignment I really had to think about what
experiences I had that made me like reading and the experiences I had that made me dislike
writing. What I had to do to complete this assignment was remain focus and reread my essay
over and over again. I had to remain focused if I didn’t, it would have never gotten completed.
Rereading my own essay made me see grammar mistakes and how the essay flowed. What I
found difficult about this assignment was how to structure my essay because I felt my thoughts
were all over the place. But with the peer review it seems it wasn’t as bad as I had thought. The
in-class activities and discussions impact your final product because it made me remember small
but significant events that contribute to my reading and writing style. I was able to include those
hidden memories in my essay to make it better.

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