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My freshmen year of High School, a friend of mine recommended I should read Inside the Darkest Corner. At first, I was not so intrigued by the idea of reading a book, but she convinced me it was one of her favorites and I couldn’t say no. As soon as I received the book, I have to admit, I was really excited to see what the book was about and know why she considered this specific book one of her favorites. This book seemed different than all the other books I had read in class. First, I wasn’t assigned to read and write about the book for class. Second, it definitely didn’t seem like a book I had ever read before. I decided to read this book in a quiet, peaceful area where I can concentrate on the characters and truly get mentally involved in the book. I took myself to the park and found the perfect sitting place. Thankfully, it was a beautiful day. It was sunny, not to cold nor too hot, and it was almost time for the sun to set. What more can I had asked for?

One of the most common ideas when speaking about books is to never judge a book by its cover. However, I couldn’t help but to be captured in by the illustrations on the front page. It was a picture of a door with a lock and it had a quote on the bottom of the page. “check the locks on your door and windows, and surrender to this obsessive thriller.” Fun fact about me: I love horror and thriller movies. I might like a book about it too. Like many other books, it contained a summary and information about the author, Elizabeth Haynes, on the back. What really caught my eye, though, was all the amazing reviews people had given this piece of work. They consisted of comments such as “people calling it “a gripping psychological thriller.”” This was the beginning of a moment that changed my perspective on reading forever.

The book began with some dialogue between the two main characters and a judge in court. As I continued to read, I started to get very confused. Each page in the book contained a different day or a different year. It wasn’t making sense to me. Maybe it was a journal? A diary? The first page was set in the year 2001, the second page in the year 2007 and the third page in the year 2003. I became frustrated while reading the book. I thought that I had received a wrong copy. However, I became even more frustrated with myself for not being able to understand it. The best thing I could have done in this situation was to take a break. Rest on the tree and admire the sky above me. It changed from a light-yellow shade to a steaming red. As the sun began to lower and lower, I realized it would be time to go home soon and I should give this book one last attempt. I did not want to miss out on what my friend had experienced reading it. I had never come across a book written in this format. I soon realized the author chose a specific literary technique of fore-shadow and flashback to write this thrilling, yet horrifying book. When I became aware that Haynes was writing this novel in such a way, it made the book somewhat easier to read and understand. The book brought shivers to my body and goosebumps to my arms. I became more and more intrigued by the story line that I even finished the book.

This specific book and story line helped me in more than one way. It helped me face challenges I was going through in life and see the world in another perspective or through someone else’s shoes. It explained why we should always follow or trust our gut instincts and feelings toward someone or a situation. Most of the time it will guide us to the right decision. Second, it taught me to never judge someone else because I do not know what can be going on in their life.

Not only did it change me as a person and how I thought from that day on, it also changed the idea of reading to me. I realized how much it can do and how vital it is to read since you can always learn something new. For example, I learned that books who contain different formats and use different literary techniques can be very important to the book. Although at first, I did not understand it or like it, I grew to understand the importance and affect it had on the story. It made the story line more interesting since it would use literary techniques such as, foreshadow and flashback. Elizabeth Haynes was smart because these techniques were her very own teasers to what was going to happen next. It showed me how literary techniques are very important when it comes to writing any good book, novel, essay, etc. Ever since I made the decision to pick up that book, I have read several other books after. I now love to read and have made it one of my daily essential activities before going to bed. It is true what they say; Reading a book can take you on many life adventures you would have never dreamed of going. Through my experience with reading, I have also dabbled a little bit into writing. I wouldn’t say that writing is my strong suit, but I do believe that writing is a necessary skilled you most know to communicate with others and truly understand yourself. I am extremely proud of myself for not giving up on the book and growing appreciation and love I never had for reading and writing.