How I Wrote My Profile Paper

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For my Profile paper, the first thing I had to do was pick a subject (a place or person). I picked Trevor Noah; he is famous but not so much so that nothing new can be said about him. Also, because if I had to do intensive research, it would have to be on someone or something that interest me. Next, I needed to pick a specific point from Trevor Noah’s life that I wanted to focus on for his profile. To do that, I look for a generic biography on him so that I would know the most important parts in his life. I decided to focus on his childhood. So next, I would do a specific and intensive research on his childhood. As I did my research, I made a bullet point list of all the important details that I found.

finally, I start my first draft. In the introduction I include generic details like date of birth and occupation, but I also included my opinion on Trevor Noah and why I picked him for the profile. I included stories from his past for the body however I had trouble writing the conclusion. I also included a works cited page. Similar to my first paper, I’ve gotten feedback from my peers and my professor, however this time I also seek the help of The Writing Center. The feedbacks I was give revolved mostly on grammar and word choice; I realized that using sophisticated synonyms of words does not improve the writing because those words do not match the overall tone of the text. I also received some hints for writing my conclusion. However most importantly, I had missed one of the requirements of the profile, which was to use in-text citation.

For my final draft, the first thing I had done was more research. I had added more details and made sure to include in-text citation. I also rewrote my introduction and conclusion. In the introduction, I informed the reader of detail that made me admire Trevor Noah, so that they too might take an interest in him (hopefully enough to keep reading my paper). For the conclusion, I wrote about where his past has led him, which is the present. I also included some opinions of other celebrities on Trevor Noah both positive and negative, so the readers will still have an open mind on him.

After proofreading my paper, I decide to try something new. I used a website called where I uploaded my text and the automated voice would read the text back to me. I admit the robotic voice was not the best in terms of quality, but it did seem to help. I was able to make correction in more than one instance, such as missing words or repeating words that were not caught by Microsoft Word nor myself after the proofreading. Before summiting my paper, I also updated my works cited page.