How did I wrote my Narrative

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Before I began to write my paper, I made sure my room was cleaned and organized because I feel distracted when my room is unorganized. If I am doing an academic paper in a chaotic room then my concentration shifts to organizing my room instead of focusing on the tasks. I kept thinking about messiness in my room until I arranged them. Therefore, before I write an academic paper, I made sure that my room is cleaned, so that I could write a better academic paper. Furthermore, while I cleaned my room, I also listened to music so that I can feel happy and energetic. Then, I take a shower to feel relaxed and comfortable.

Afterward, I began to write my formal outlines to shows the hierarchy of my ideas. Furthermore, I handed in my outlines to you to made sure that my topics related to the assignment and gave you the view of what would be my paper looked like. After I got the feedback, then I began to write my second drafts and convert those small ideas into bigger ideas. Then I tried my best to revised my paper to eliminates grammar errors, redundancy, and add details if necessary.

Thereafter, I exchange my draft with my peers also handed in to you. Then the suggestions I got from my peers I tried to incorporate into my essay if I felt these changes were necessary for my paper. I also included every feedbacks you gave it to me because you are a literature professor, you can better identify the flawed in my narrative than my peers. Additionally, I went to the writing center to correct my grammars and after I received all these feedbacks than I began to write my final paper. Subsequently, I revised my final paper three times to made sure that there are no flawed in the narrative. Lastly, I submitted my final copy on the blackboard and handed you the hard copy in the classroom.