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-Session 4, 9/28:  Present History – DAHIANA AND GAYLE

Pauline Lipman, “This is America”

Michael Fabricant and Michelle Fine, “The Tension Between Promise and Evidence” + “Declaring ‘Crisis’” from Charter Schools and the Corporate Makeover of Public Education

Paul Tough, from Whatever it Takes

-Session 5, 10/5: Liberal and Conservative Paradigms Lauren & Randi

Schlesinger and Bennett, Finn and Cribb (Selections 16 and 17 in Sources)

Greene and Hytten (Selections 2 and 3 in Sources)

10/12: NO CLASS (Indigenous People’s Day/Columbus Day)

-Session 6, 10/19: ONLINE CLASS (Write and respond to film review)

Critical Pedagogy Freire and Cummins (Selection 18 and 27 in Sources)

-Session 7, 10/26:  Perspectives on Culture Oksana & Joe

Kozol, Valdes, Hall, and Delpit (Selections 6, 8, 9 & 10 in Sources)

-Session 8, 11/2: Social Class and Diversity

Bowles, Anyon, Kincheloe and Steinberg (Selection 4, 31 & 32 in Sources)

Johnson, K. “Confronting Child Labor”

Weiss, D. “Teaching Budget Cuts to 3rd Graders”

-Session 9, 11/9: Culture, Race, and Environment — KATIE B. & Tashny

West, McIntosh, Noel (Selections 10, 11 & 12 in Sources)

Rita Tenorio, “Brown Kids Can’t Be in Our Club” (How to effectively raise issues of race

with young children)

-Session 10, 11/16: Deviance and Disability: What is Normal?– Marissa & Catherine

Baglieri et al. “Disability Studies in Education: The Need for a Plurality”

Crow, L. “Helen Keller: Rethinking the Problematic Icon”

Helen Keller Online Children’s Museum: http://www.afb.org/braillebug/hkmuseum.asp

-Session 11, 11/23: Critical Perspectives on Gender and Sexuality

Corbett, Hill and Rose and Biegel (Selections 20 &21 in Sources)

Peyo, Ann. “Playing with Gender”

-Session 12, 11/30: Language and Sociocultural Theory – Anna B. and Erin C. 

Ofelia Garcia et al., “From ELL to Emergent Bilingual”

Luis Moll and Norma Gonzalez, “Lessons from Research with Language-Minority Children”

Stenhouse, V. “Rethinking Thanksgiving”

-Session 13, 12/7: Critical and Culturally Relevant Pedagogy; Antiracist Education

Tatum,  Chapters 1 and 2 from Why are all the Black kids sitting together in the cafeteria

Ladson-Billings, Tatum, and Solozano (Selections 22, 15 & 19 in Sources)

Comber, B. “Critical Literacy Finds a Place”

-Session 14, 5/16: Creating a Multicultural Classroom

Derman-Sparks, Banks, Nieto, Moll (Selections 33, 34, 35, & 37 in Sources)