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Businesses are actively pursuing new strategies for incorporating sustainability guidelines into company core principles. Most major company’s mission statements have switched gears from sustainable uninformed to sustainable conscience. Now aggressively pursuing everything from investments in systems, renewable energy, clean technology, and making strides in efforts to empowering residents of villages abroad to be self-sufficient. What was once industries predominately controlled by old white males is now being revitalized by young vibrant , tech savvy, individual that are not just geared up for the change, they are the Change! 

GreenBiz article on its GreenBiz Group’s October conference Verge18 (Verge is a registered trademark of the GreenBiz Group)., hosted its annual event brings together emerging professionals from many different field to share what areas groups are working to address, and the impact of their efforts. 

Many are also looking to make climate impacts through choices in their everyday lives. That includes by pursuing careers in mission-driven organizations, especially in sustainability”. Verge18 

        These emerging new leaders of the sustainability movement are the Millennials and Generation-Xers. They are passionate and committed to contributing to the transformation of a sustainable environment. These new millennials are talented and tech savy, they come with them new visions, promise and they’re better equipped with the knowledge and tool to save the planet. 

As noted in Chapter 4, Business Response-today’s business leaders are in the 40’s & 50’s, they’re seeking the meaning of their destinies and social satisfaction. As such, being sensitive to legacy issues like the environment, poverty, business ethics and social progress is being incorporated into company’s core principles. 


The sustainable movement should be amalgamated, into every aspect of business structure, not just CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), but as the fabric. 


Strength in solutions: Emerging Leaders in sustainability see hope in just, equitable transition 

Holly Secon, Wednesday, February 13, 2019 


Business Response, Chapter 5, Triple Bottom Line 

Andrew Savitz