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Throughout history we learned a lot of things that our government has done to better society over time. They have the Constitution, Amendments, and even laws which we apply to. Over the years these changed and among it was other changes. One thing that happened was the checks and balances. The checks and balances give equal amount of power to each branches of government so one doesn’t have more power over the other, while keeping each other in check as well. These three branches of government are called the Executive, the Legislative and the Judicial branch. Each one does something different and specific to their branch. And this is where the term checks and balances apply as well.


So, in the Legislative branch of government is made up on congress and other government agencies. They have the powers to create laws as well as enacting law and exercising control over the government. “The congress has two parts which is the house of representatives and the Senate.”  but there’s 435 houses of representatives compare to the senators only having 100 members. They have different requirements to join either the house or the senators. This house isn’t only responsible for making laws, they in charge of taxes, spending budgets, declaring war, impeaching a president but impeaching requires an agreement from both houses. Through making laws, budgeting money and wars these things impact our lives every day. But this is how checks and balances come into play because the Legislative house is limited to these such things as other houses can do others. From my knowledge I think this would be the best branch to be a part of because I’ll see how far I can get with passing on new laws and making them a thing in today society.


What is the Judicial branch of the government? well it is made up of the supreme court and other federal courts. It is made up of the court systems and the supreme court being the highest one. So, this is what makes this branch differ from the others. This branch rules the law and as well the constitution. When the supreme court makes a ruling, all other courts must follow. They keep the government in check by evaluating the laws and also has judicial reviews which the other branches don’t have. The court has original jurisdiction depending on the case and states. Would the supreme court handle other minor or no effect cases? yes they can with a petition which still might get over looked at. This branch protects individuals and minorities from mistreatment from other branches which I find some what funny. They also have power to declare if laws being passed follows the constitution. I believe this be more of the serious branches around because of they responsibility but that’s all the branches.


So, for the last branch which is Executive branch goes hand and hand with the Legislative branch. They enforce the laws as well as carrying it, and its powers are vested from the president. He is the head of states and command in chief of the military. I remember being told that our president was Donald Trump and will be in charge of our military, I didn’t know what to think at the time. But even the president himself is limited to certain things he can do. He or she may create laws or bills, but it still can get denied or veto in this situation. Because the other two branches still keep him check in whatever aspect. But he doesn’t work alone in the branch, he works with his vice president and among others within this branch.


Furthermore, this is how United States uses checks and balances to help maintain power between states, the government as well as the President. All three branches of government including the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branch each has their separate roles of power but they coincide with each other to keep the government and country balanced.