Open Educational Resource Projects on the Commons

A growing number of CUNY Commons Members are building out Open Educational Resource projects on the Commons. Several of these projects are featured below. Feel free to reach out to the Commons Community Team to learn more.

CUNY Teacher Education Open Educational Resources (OER) Hub


The CUNY Teacher Education Open Educational Resources (OER) Hub is a resource site for teacher educators who want to enhance their courses and practice through OER. The objectives of this resource hub are: to encourage OER authorship across CUNY institutions and PK-12 schools; to develop course materials representative of the population of learners CUNY serves; to connect education course work to clinical practice; and to showcase OER examples that promote diversity, equity and inclusion.

Open College Writing I

by Sarah Kresh & Kelly Hammond, SPS

This College Writing course website is an OER version of the course that is available for reuse and remixing across CUNY campuses and beyond. Visit the course site learn more about remixing the course to use in your own teaching.

College Writing I is a three-credit, required, Pathways General Education course that many CUNY students will take. The purpose of the course is to introduce students to academic reading, writing, and research.

Core Books


Core Books has its roots in a collaboration between Columbia College and Hostos Community College. The goal was to bring CC students into a conversation they are often excluded from through embedding core texts and the issues they raise from the Columbia Core Curriculum into selected required courses. With the support of the Teagle Foundation, Core Books includes 4 CUNY colleges: The Borough of Manhattan Community College, LaGuardia Community College, and New York City College of Technology. This faculty professional development initiative aims to engage students in key humanistic questions while strengthening their reading and writing skills and bolstering student performance related to course learning objectives. At the heart of this initiative is the recognition of the value of a community of practice among both faculty and among students as we create opportunities to think, to learn, and to question together.

GC Music Teaching Hub

by Graduate Students in the GC Music Department


The GC Music Teaching Hub is organized by current and former graduate teaching fellows of the CUNY Graduate Center Music Department. The Hub is an online space that allows instructors to find and share teaching materials developed for music classrooms at CUNY. In addition to uploaded documents, you can also find a community-generated list of online music teaching resources and a collection of fact sheets for the CUNY campuses at which most graduate instructors teach.

Brooklyn College Library Art


The online catalogue of Brooklyn College Library’s art collection includes paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, and prints. Diverse in character and international in scope, the collection features art by Elizabeth Murray, William Kentridge, Chakaia Booker, Shahzia Sikander, Sarah Sze, John Walker, Edward Ruscha, and Xu Bing.

Natural Sciences Open Educational Resources

by Van Bich Tran & LaGuardia Community College


The LaGuardia Community College (LAGCC) Natural Sciences Department Open Educational Resources Portal shares the Natural Sciences Department (NSD) open educational resources (OER) and OER project related documents and provide access to open course content for anyone across CUNY and beyond who may want to reuse and remix these resources.

CCNY OER Workshop

by City College OER Team: Ching-Jung Chen, Julia Brown, Vivian Chan, Chavonne Rodriguez, and Adriene Lara

The OER Team at at City College hosted their 2-week OER  workshop on the Commons. The workshop is a faculty development program to advance open education at the City College of New York (CCNY). The workshop content contains 9 modules and covers topics essential to understanding and developing open educational resources.

Quick Guide to OER for Teaching and Learning at Brooklyn College

by Brooklyn College OER Developer ,Amy Wolfe; remixed from Assistant Professor Cailean Cooney’s “Quick Guide to O.E.R. for Teaching & Learning” (NY City Tech)


The OER Team at Brooklyn College create this hub to share information, open resources, and upcoming opportunities to participate in CUNY OER/ZTC Initiative at Brooklyn College. The site offers modules on defining OER, copyright and Fair use, attribution, and guidance for finding and identifying OERs for your course.

City College English Department OER Guide

by City College English Department Faculty


The English department at City College put together a Hub for faculty teaching on the Commons. The site offers an introduction to OER, course design, and guidance for getting started on the CUNY Commons.

General Biology Lab Manual Climate Change Modules

by Jeremy Seto (NYCCT), Maria Entezari (LaGCC), and Raffaella Diotti (BCC)

This site offers over 50 content lessons and activities for teaching biology. The site is sponsored by the CUNY Office of Research to extend an existing OER.  The site and the modules were authored by Jeremy Seto (NYCCT), Maria Entezari (LaGCC) and Raffaella Diotti (BCC). On site they note, “in the spirit of remixing and redistribution, the entire WordPress site can be downloaded from GitHub as well as customized imagery (”

OER at Lehman College

by Lehman College & Stacy Katz

The OER at Lehman site provides an overview of OER and shares faculty stories and links to extensive and important research on OER use at CUNY.

John Jay College Open Educational Resources (OER)

by Wynne Ferdinand, Dr. Gina Rae Foster, and Dr. Verlene (Vee) Herrington

The John Jay College OER site offers an overview of OER efforts at the college and links faculty and students to OER outlets, case studies on OER, open syllabi, and student resources for taking ZTC courses.

The TLC Workshop Archive

by Laurie Hurson, Luke Waltzer, and TLC Fellows

The TLC Workshop Archive contains materials for workshops developed by Graduate Center’s Teaching and Learning Center staff and fellows. All materials in the workshop archive are openly licensed and available for reuse and remixing by all.