Tania G. Levey

Associate Professor of Sociology

I teach Sociology of Gender and Sexuality, Philosophy and Sociology of Education, and Social Research Methods. My research interests include sex and gender; work and occupations; stigma; and sex work.

Academic Interests

Gender, Sexuality, Stigma, Social Media, Work, Higher Education


Ph.D. in Sociology, CUNY Graduate Center
Certificate in Women’s Studies, CUNY Graduate Center
B.A. in Philosophy/Women’s Studies, Rutgers University


Selected Publications:

Pinsky, Dina & Levey, Tania (2015). ‘The World Turned Upside Down’: Emotional Labor and the Professional Dominatrix. Sexualities 18(4): 438-458.

Levey, Tania & Pinsky, Dina (2015). A Constellation of Stigmas: Stigma Management and the Professional Dominatrix. Deviant Behavior 36(5): 347-367.

Roksa, Josipa & Levey, Tania (2010). What Can You Do with That Degree? College Major and Occupational Status of College Graduates over Time. Social Forces 89(2): 389-416.

Levey, Tania (2010). The Effect of College Entry on Mid-Career Occupational Attainment. Community College Review 38(1): 3-30.

Levey, Tania & Silver, Catherine (2006). Gender and Value Orientations: What’s the Difference!? Sociological Forum 21(4): 659-691.


Associate Professor, Behavioral Sciences, York College