Silvia Rivera Alfaro

I am a creative learner interested in language, gender, power, and technology.

Learning about Hispanic Sociolinguistics in the PhD Program in Latin American, Iberian, and Latino Cultures

Current projects:

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2022 Certificate in Interactive Technology and Pedagogy, The Graduate Center (CUNY)
2018 Master’s in Linguistics, University of Costa Rica

2013 Bach. Spanish Philology, University of Costa Rica

Academic Interests

Feminist linguistics. Language, gender, and sexuality. Spanish-language

Sociolinguistics. Glotopolitics (Language and politics). 


Refereed publications 
2021 “Gender Neutral Language as an Epistemological Opportunity in Academic Writing.” with Ernesto Cuba. Academic Writing with Gender Perspective. Proposals from Scientific Communication. Coord. César Jiménez- Yañez & Rosalba Mancinas-Chávez. Autonomous University of Baja California & University of Sevilla [peer reviewed]

2019 “Gender Fair Use of Language Linguistic Policy and the Scientific Journals of the University of Costa Rica (UCR) .” with Eida Martínez Rocha. e-Ciencias de la Información 9(2).
Recent academic blog publications 
2021 My Feelings on the Digital Research Institute. Tagging The Tower, May 3.
2020-2022 Around 40 publications on 


2022 A glottopolitical approach to the Americas. Journal of Latin American Geography 22(1), cover. 

2019  ¿Hola? [Comic book.] San José, Costa Rica: Zapatos en la Cabeza