Sarah Soanirina Ohmer (she/her/hers)

Polyglot, Black Feminist, womanist, literary critic focusing on trauma, healing, and spirituality, fluent in French Spanish Portuguese and English.

Assistant Professor of Latin American and Latino Studies, African American Studies, and Women's Studies at Lehman College in the Bronx, NY, and editorial board member of Women's Studies Quarterly journal, Ohmer’s research focuses on the intersection of gender, race, class and trauma in literature by Black Women from Cuba&Brazil.

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Academic Interests

  • Black Women and LGBTQ+ in Cali, Colombia
  • Black Pacific Studies
  • Afro-Latin American and Afro-Latinx literary and cultural studies 
  • Black Feminisms and Womanisms
  • African Diaspora Gender and Sexuality in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Critical Theory
  • Trauma, Memory, and Spirituality
  • Black Women and Documentary Film
  • Afro-Brazilian Hip Hop, Dance, Poetry and Spoken Word
  • Visiting Scholar-ActivistChontaduro Cultural House, Aguablanca District in Cali, Colombia*Non-CUNY
  • Visiting ScholarCenter for African Diaspora Studies (CEAF), ICESI University, Cali Colombia*Non-CUNY
  • Visiting Assistant Professor, Post-Doctorate Fulbright Fellow (2014-15)Center for Human Rights and Discrimination, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil*Non-CUNY
  • Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Spanish (2011-15Modern Languages, University of Indianapolis, IN*Non-CUNY
  • Assistant Professor (2015-Current)Africana StudiesLehman College
  • Assistant Professor (2015-Current)Latin American and Latino StudiesLehman College

…in comparison with US African American, Afro-Latinx and Latinx communities. My interdisciplinary work includes trauma studies, critical ethnic studies, literary analysis and cultural studies. I am a past recipient of 2 Fulbright Fellowships (2015 Brazil & 2021 Colombia), and fellowships from the CUNY Graduate Center for Politics, Culture and Place, the Federal Grant for Foreign Language Area Studies (FLAS – Portuguese), and internal grants of up to $15,000 U Pittsburgh, U Indianapolis, and CUNY. I recently co-edited a Special Issue for Women’s Studies Quarterly, titled Solidão, on Black Feminisms in Brazil (introduction available in the link on this website), and published articles (available on this site) in the Journal of International Women’s Studies, PALARA, Zora Neale Hurston Forum, Confluencia, and InterFACES. I first taught as an Instructor and Assistant Professor of Modern Languages at the University of Indianapolis, where I coordinated the Spanish program and taught undergraduate and graduate courses.


I have a post-doctoral certificate in History from the University of São Paulo, a doctorate from University of Pittsburgh in Hispanic Languages and Literature (2012), a master’s degree from University of Houston’s Modern Languages Department, and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Houston in Spanish and English Linguistics. 

Event Organizer of “Black Cuir Revolutions: Reflections on Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, and the Bronx featuring Ochy Curiel, Tanya Saunders, Grisel Y. Acosta and Juliana Costa.
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