Marcos Wasem

I'm a passionate pataphysicist in the situacionist tradition.

Active at CUNY Commons in Spanish publications, such as Enclave and LLJournal. Proud early adopter and bug reporter back in the alpha version.

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  • The School of Cultures, Languages and Area Studies at the University of Liverpool is pleased to announce a forthcoming conference on Latin American Cybercultural Studies. This conference, the first of its kind in the UK, will focus on the growing field of Latin American cyberculture, including literary blogs, digital storytelling, digital poetry, hypertext novels, hypermedia fiction,, and online performance art, amongst others, and aims to explore analytical and theoretical approaches to these new media works. Combining presentations by practitioners and scholars alike, the conference aims to provide an important counterpart to the Anglophone-dominated arena of cybercultural studies, and will include workshops on hypermedia narrative and digital poetry, as well as the opportunity to reflect on research-led teaching in digital media.