Marisa Tramontano (she/her)

Educator, Activist, Parent

Doctoral Lecturer at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

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My research focuses on the ways in which deeply entrenched gendered and racialized ideologies and myth-making work to legitimate the oppressive structures our students encounter in their daily lives. My dissertation took a deep dive into the propaganda that justified problematic and violent policies in the aftermath of 9/11 in general and the killing of Osama bin Laden in particular. I furthered my commitment to Public Sociology by summarizing my key findings into a highly accessible essay for the general public. Likewise, State Social Media and The Terror-Trauma Discourse is published on E-International Relations, a peer-reviewed open access website that draws the most esteemed scholars in the field while, remaining widely available to the public and written in easily digestible language. I also framed, compiled, and published a zero-cost open-access reader on Intersectionality through Pace University, to further my commitment to reducing the burden of textbook costs for students from lower income backgrounds.