Michael Dorsch

EES PhD Student | HASTAC@CUNY and Futures Initiative Geovisualization Fellow | SRIJB Program Assistant

Michael Dorsch is a geovisualization fellow with HASTAC@CUNY and the Futures Initiative. He is also a program assistant with the Science and Resilience Institute at Jamaica Bay and a lecturer in the Department of Geography at Hunter College. He is pursuing a doctorate degree in Earth and Environmental Sciences at the Graduate Center.


Ph.D. (In Progress), Earth and Environmental Sciences, The Graduate Center, City University of New York, Expected 2016

Graduate Certificates:
Geographic Information Systems Science (GISc), Lehman College, City University of New York, In Progress.
Integrated Marketing Communications, West Virginia University, 2012

M.A., International Relations and Comparative Politics and Policy, Department of Political Science, West Virginia University, 2011

B.A., Psychology, Department of Psychology, West Virginia University, 2009

B.A., English, Department of English, West Virginia University, 2009

Academic Interests

analytic cartography, energy, environmental ethics, environmental justice, geographic information systems (GIS), geographic information systems science (GISc), geovisualization, health geography, pollution, public health, resource management, social-ecological systems, social justice, urban geography