James C. Tolleson

Ph.D. Student in Cultural Anthropology

Research Interests: Historical, political, and economic anthropology; race, class and gender, slavery, insurance, finance and labor, southern United States.

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Digital Portfolio

Anthropology PhD Program site on the CUNY Academic Commons (2018-2020) https://anthropology.commons.gc.cuny.edu

  • The site was primarily built by my predecessor in the Program Social Media Fellows program. My contributions included adding new pages for multimedia materials, updating materials and re-organizing the menus. I also began a process of collecting new Student Biographies to add to the site and worked with PSMF coordinate Kalle Westerling to develop a basic Python program to process an Excel sheet of student information and automate the production of HTML for the new Wordpress page.
  • On a special section of this website, Student Resources (which is also linked to a closed group for student only), I updated materials and re-organized the structure of pages, including creating a table of contents page to more easily display the growing number of examples of Exam Preparation materials that were uploaded. 

Anticapitalist Thought & Action site on the CUNY Academic Commons (2018)


  • I created a course blog for a course taught by David Harvey and a series of other guest lecturers.
  • I coordinated getting the students added as Users with Author privileges to blog about each week’s lecture and engage in discussion.
  • Given concerns about anonymity, I took the opportunity to learn basic CSS to hide the author’s name for blog posts. 

Spinterview site (2019 – present) – https://spinterview.media 

  • I transferred the hosting to Reclaim Hosting.
  • I added new video material from an event.
  • I have plans to clean interview audio and upload more content.

Social Mediums blog (2019) – https://socialmediums.commons.gc.cuny.edu

I wrote two blog posts on the Program Social Media Fellows blog that reflect my ongoing interests in using digital tools to share and present research, especially in open-access modes.