Academic Interests

Jean ʒɑ̃ Hyemin Kim (they/them) holds a PhD in Comparative Literature from SUNY Buffalo with a specialization in avant-garde poetics, continental philosophy, and queer studies. Their current research centers around non/human mythopoetics and queer aesthetics in twentieth- and twenty-first-century artists’ literature, books, and cinema. In that direction, they recently published a commissioned essay on Stan VanDerBeek’s computer-aided 16mm film series Poemfield (1967–1971). Also, their essay on posthumanity in João Pedro Rodrigues’s film, The Ornithologist (2016), will be published by Edinburgh University Press in early 2021. Their other writings have appeared in Millennium Film Journal, Black Mountain College Museum and Arts Center, Desistfilm, and Full Stop, among others. In addition, they are writing a book manuscript about the intersection of avant-garde poetry and cinema. Jean Hyemin Kim teaches in the English Department at Baruch, CUNY.