Kristen Hackett

an activist, scholar, and educator working towards decolonized, anti-racist, and just urban futures in New York City.

PhD Candidate in the Environmental Psychology program, GC Digital Fellow, OpenCUNY Coordinator, New Media Lab Fellow, and Member of the Justice For All Coalition.

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My dissertation is a feminist activist enthography that centers the experiences of activists organizing in Western Queens. This is part of a larger digital public history project titled Recalibrating Queens, that seeks to re-examine the region’s past, resituate the present, and reimagine just futures for all.

As a GC Digital Fellow, I teach workshops about the foundations of web development. This includes introductions to content management software like WordPress, web-hosting and platforms, HTML and CSS, and how to use these tools to develop your own digital academic identity, public-facing scholarship or in teaching and learning endeavors.
As an OpenCUNY coordinator, I teach workshops related to data security and privacy.

I have taught courses on urban studies, urban social movements, urban research methods, and environmental psychology at Queens College, John Jay College and The New School.