Elizabeth Bidwell Goetz


Alum, Ph.D. Program in English, The Graduate Center, City University of New York

Interested in the relationships connecting physical space and social possibility that exists within it, Liz studies the poetics of the New York School, as well as the New American Poetry’s antecedents in modernist literature, particularly in terms of these genres’ various rethinkings of the flâneur strutting through an urban wonderland.


(310) 709-7541

Academic Interests

modernism, transatlanticism, American literature, the twentieth century, cosmopolitanism, urban theory, New York School, poetry and poetics, psychogeography 


Ph.D., Graduate Center, City University of New York (CUNY)

M.A., Graduate Center, CUNY

M.Phil., Graduate Center, CUNY

B.A., University of Chicago


Afterthought on ‘A Finite Number of Things,'” Hypocrite Reader, 2012; “Chinatown Bus,” Journey, 2012; “Soho, July 3, 2012,” Foothill, 2012; “Circle Game,” Hypocrite Reader, 2012; “Cherchez la femme,” Hypocrite Reader, 2011; Assorted arts criticism, Chicago Maroon, 2006-2009


Assistant Professor, Bard High School Early College-Newark, Department of English, *Non-CUNY
Adjunct Lecturer, English, Hunter College
Adjunct Assistant Professor, English, New York City College of Technology