Vyacheslav Dushenkov

Professor at Hostos Community College, Program Coordinator at the International Research Training Center for Botanicals and Metabolic Syndrome in Tajikistan.

Professor at Hostos Community College, Program Coordinator at the Center for Botanicals and Chronic Diseases.

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Academic Interests

Botanical therapeutics, STEM education, Ecology, Evolutionary biology, Phytoremediation

  • ProfessorNatural SciencesHostos Community College
  • Visiting Research ProfessorPlant Biology and Pathology, SEBS, Rutgers Univesrity*Non-CUNY
  • Program CoordinatorInternational Research Training Center for Botanicals and Metabolic Syndrome in Tajikistan*Non-CUNY

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. BioPharma Innovation, Mini-MBA

Moscow Pedagogical State University, Russia – PhD Biology
Moscow Pedagogical State University, Russia – MS Biology, Chemistry, Science Education


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