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Technology whether it is television, the Internet, mobile devices, or a combination of all three, has the power to influence change. My perspectives on social causes have been molded by technology throughout my life, and in my work I use the power of these technologies to promote education and awareness.
The computer has always influenced my education. From early on, I have been inclined to ask for knowledge from the screen rather than the teacher. Now as an educator, knowing this to be true in those who seek understanding from me, I seek to create new ways of pursuing learning and understanding through the use of interactive technology.
In addition to the computer, emerging technologies are a way to provoke original thought. Most new technologies give people more power to connect and learn that of the generation before them. Since the advent of High Technology, every generation has quickly replaced the old system of education with a new curiosity and desire to learn in was previously impossible.
My present work consists of experimenting with current technology to create visual learning experiences. Its objective is to bring attention to social causes while using technology to present it in a way never before seen


York College


TV Studio Coordinator, Adjunct Lecturer. York College Communications Technology Program

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