Carlos Guevara

EdTech 2.0 passionate

Carlos works at Hostos CC since 1998 & is currently the Director of the Office of Educational Technology and Co-Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning. His interests are elearning & game-based learning. Carlos holds a BS & Masters in Computer Science & is pursuing his doctorate in Educational Technology @ Teachers College, Columbia University

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Academic Interests

Organizational culture change, communities of practice, faculty development, game-based learning, online education, ePortfolios, learning styles

  • DirectorOffice of Educational TechnologyHostos Community College
  • Co-DirectorCenter for Teaching and LearningHostos Community College
  • MemberCUNY CTL Advisory CouncilCUNY Central
  • MemberCUNY Committee on Academic TechnologyCUNY Central
Polytechnic University
Master of Science (M.S.), Computer Science
City College Of New York
Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Computer Science
  • Beyond Physical Space: Implementing a Virtual Learning Commons at an Urban Community College”

    Cases on Higher Education Spaces: Innovation, Collaboration, and Technology, IGI Global


    The administration, faculty, and staff at Hostos Community College strive to improve students’ computer and information literacy skills while meeting the distinct needs of Millennials. In 2007, Hostos initiated a project to reconfigure physical spaces throughout the campus (areas in the Library, Academic Learning Center, Educational Technology Office, and Academic Computing Center) and establish a unified virtual space, creating a cross-divisional entity: the Information Learning Commons (ILC). This case discusses the formation of the ILC Committee, the group that envisions and manages physical ILC spaces’ renovation and also develops virtual spaces; the planning and implementation of physical learning commons spaces; the web applications that unify the ILC; the benefits of reducing duplication and optimizing resource utilization; Hostos current challenges with the ILC concept; and finally, the imminent expansion of virtual commons spaces. Hostos is an exemplar in how collaboration can creatively maximize resources through technology to meet students’ needs.


  • Learning Language, Content, and Collaboration through Group Projects

    Common Ground Publisher; Ubiquitous Learning: An International Journal


    This paper reports on the use of various online technologies to facilitate group-projects at a community college serving a multilingual population in a large metropolitan area. The paper explains why and how wikis, podcasts, and audio-editing software were selected and introduced to and by second language learners to carry out a multi-task project on the historical figure, Thomas Jefferson, an American founding father. It describes features of wikis that not only foster the acquisition of academic language and content, but also help students develop teamwork skills needed for college and workplace success. In short, this paper presents an on-going curricular project to integrate online technologies into ESL content-based instruction (CBI) using student-directed, small-group project work.


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