Anna Schwartz

Doctoral Student in Human Development at the GC, Adjunct Instructor at CSI

Anna is interested in lexical acquisition and the figurative concepts that are used in language and culture. Her undergraduate work in archaeology culminated in a project looking at comparisons between animals and humans in tool use and language abilities. This led her to work in an animal language acquisition lab.

Academic Interests

Current Areas of Interest and Future Research Programs: figurative language and metaphor and what they can tell us about language shift/evolution, adult language learning and bilingualism: a window on the development of competency, language and thought and the whorfian hypothesis, cognitive substrates of language performance (EF, WM, explict/procedural memory), language and cultural evolution, archaeology (BA) of the neolithic revolution (specifically combining synchronic methods from psychology with diachronic methods from archaeology to understand symbolic evolution in early human civilizations and settlements).


Graduate Assistant A/Adjunct, Psychology, College of Staten Island
Doctoral Student, Psychology, CUNY Graduate Center


BA, Archaeology, Boston University (2006)