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I am a professor in the Dept. of Latin American and Latino Studies at Lehman College and the Department of Anthropology at the Graduate Center.

Alyshia Gálvez is a cultural and medical anthropologist. She is professor of Latin American and Latino Studies at Lehman College and of anthropology at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. She is the author of Eating NAFTA: Trade, Food Policies and the Destruction of Mexico (UC Press, 2018) on changing food policies, […]

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I am interested in food, health, migration, trade, policy, citizenship and rights, Mexico and Mexican populations, Latin America, and Latinx communities in the United States, public health, health disparities, medical anthropology, gender, reproduction, chronic disease, religion, and performance.


2004    PhD, Cultural Anthropology, New York University. Thesis title: In the name of GuadalupeReligion, politics andcitizenship among Mexicans in New York

2001    Certificate of Culture and Media, Center for Media, Culture and History, New York University.

2000    M.A., Dept. of Anthropology, New York University. 

1995    B.A., Columbia College, Columbia University.




2018    Eating NAFTATrade, Food Policies and the Destruction of Mexico, Berkeley: University of California Press. (Honorable Mention, Book of the Year, Mexico Section of the Latin American Studies Association, 2019.)

2011    Patient Citizens, Immigrant MothersMexican Women, Public Prenatal Care, and the Birthweight Paradox, bookbased on medical anthropology research over two years at various sites in New York City. New Brunswick: RutgersUniversity Press, Critical Issues in Health and Medicine Series. Awarded the 2012 ALLA Book Award by theAssociation of Latino and Latin American Anthropologists.

2009    Guadalupe in New YorkDevotion and the Struggle for Citizenship Rights among Mexican Immigrants. New Yorkand London: New York University Press, December 2009. Translated into Spanish and published as Nueva YorkGuadalupana, Puebla: Editorial de la Universidad Iberoamericana de Puebla (2013).

Edited volume:

2007    Performing Religion in the AmericasMedia, Politics, and Devotional Practices of the 21st Century, Gálvez, editor,and author of two pieces: “Introduction” and, “‘She Made Us Human’: The Relationship between the Virgin ofGuadalupe, Popular Religiosity and Activism among Members of Mexican Devotional Organizations in New YorkCity,” 2007, Berg/Seagull (London). 


Peer reviewed articles and chapters:

2020    Bravo, Lizbeth; Edith Carrasco; Kathryn Chuber; Daisy Flores; and Gálvez, A., “Teaching and learning with intimidating texts: How we came to love a difficult book” Teaching and Learning Anthropology journal, Vol 3 (1), July 2020.

2020    Gálvez, A. “Taking Susto Seriously: A Critique of Behavioral Approaches to Diabetes,” and “Chronic Disaster: Reimagining Noncommunicable Chronic Disease” with Megan Carney and Emily Yates-Doerr In Vital Topics Forum: Chronic Disaster: Reimagining NonCommunicable Chronic DiseaseThe Nutrire CoLab (Diana Burnett; Megan A. Carney; Lauren Carruth; Sarah Chard; Maggie Dickinson; Alyshia Gálvez; Hanna Garth; Jessica Hardin; Adele Hite; Heather Howard; Lenore Manderson; Emily Mendenhall; Abril Saldaña-Tejeda; Dana Simmons; Natali Valdez; Emily Vasquez; Megan Warin; Emily Yates-Doerr). American Anthropologist, Sept. 2020. DOI: 10.1111/aman.13443 and 10.1111/aman.13437.

2019    Gálvez, A. “Transnational mother blame: Protecting and caring in a globalized context,” Medical Anthropology, Published online 10/3/2019. DOI: 10.1080/01459740.2019.1653866.

2019    Gálvez, A. “Efficiency,” in “Rural Social Forms,” A special issue of the Journal for the Anthropology of North America, Edited by Alex Blanchette and Marcel LaFlamme, Published Nov. 20, 2019. 10.1002/nad.12096

2019    Gálvez, A. and Luque Brazan, J.C.. “Capitalismo de chupacabras en una era post-política y post-migratoria,” Huellas de la Migración,  [S.l.], v. 4, n. 7, p. 109-138, jul. 2019. ISSN 2594-2832. 

2018    Gálvez, A. “Critical understandings of children’s rights: an inductive approach” for the edited volume, International Perspectives on Practice and Research into Children’s Rights, BAICE (the British affiliate of the World Council of Comparative Education Societies).

2014    Gálvez, A. “Immigrant Citizenship: Neoliberalism, Immobility and the Vernacular Meanings of Citizenship,” inTransnational Citizenship Across the Americas, Ulla Berg and Robyn Rodriguez, eds, Routledge. This book wasoriginally published as a special issue of Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power, entitled “Transnational andDiasporic Citizenship Across the Americas,” Dec. 2013.

2014    Gálvez, A. “The Original Dreamers,” in Dávila, A., Mullings, L., Rosaldo, R., Plascencia, L.F., Chavez, L.R., Magaña, R., Rosas, G., Aparicio, A., Nájera, L.G., Zavella, P. and Gálvez, A. Vital Topics Forum: On Latin@ s and the Immigration Debate. American Anthropologist, 116(1), pp.146-159.

2013    Gálvez, A. “La ciudadanía y los inmigrantes: un desafío a la democracia,”  in Política en movimientoEstado,ciudadanía, exilio y migración en América,  Cristina Amescua, José Carlos Luque y Javier Urbano, eds., EditorialDíaz de Santos, Mexico D.F., Mexico.

2012    Gálvez, A. “Failing to See the Danger: Conceptions of Pregnancy and Care Practices among Mexican ImmigrantWomen in New York City” in Responsible Reproduction? Social and Biomedical Constructions of Reproductive Risk,Lauren Fordyce and Aminata Maraesa, Eds., Vanderbilt University Press.

2010    Gálvez, A. “Resolviendo: How September 11th tested and transformed a New York City Mexican immigrantorganization” in Politics and PartnershipsThe Role of Voluntary Associations in America’s Political Past andPresent, Elisabeth Clemens and Doug Guthrie, Eds., Chicago: University of Chicago.

2007    Gálvez, A. “‘I too was an Immigrant’: An Analysis of Differing Modes of Mobilization in Two Bronx Mexican MigrantOrganizations,” International Migration,  2007, Volume 45(1).

2006    Gálvez, A.  “La Virgen Meets Eliot Spitzer: Articulating Labor Rights for Mexican Immigrants,” in “The Border NextDoor: New York Migraciones”, Margaret Gray and Carlos Decena, eds., Social Text, Fall 2006 Volume 24(88).

  • ProfessorLatin American and Latino StudiesLehman College
  • ProfessorAnthropologyCUNY Graduate Center
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