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Rhetorical Assignment

September 9, 2020 in

Danielle Hamilton
Professor Bartley
September 9. 2020

For Years people of color have been treated in a very biased way. African Americans from the beginning of times have been beaten , torturtured , abused , sold like animals , etc. We are judged by the color of our skin before we even open our mouths to introduce ourselves. African americans have always been dehumanized and taken for granted. Sadly up to this day we are still facing racism and the scariest thing is not only is it coming from random individuals but from individuals who solemnly swear to protect us . I shouldn’t have to be scared to bring children in a world where they’ll be “judged by the color of their skin rather than the content of their character “ as the late Martin Luther King Jr once said. African americans and most minorities have to work ten times harder to become a successful person and it’s just so unjust. It’s either we’re being beaten , brutalized , killed or we’re being kept stagnant because they don’t want to see us succeed.I hope the matter I am addressing can help change a bit of their views of us we aren’t inhuman . We are human and we want to be treated as such.I feel like we fight so hard for them to see our value and appreciate us as human beings but they still bring it back to become all about them we call for “ Black Lives MAtter “ They call “All Lives Matter” but they try to avoid the obvious truth (PAthos)

For years we have been searching for peace in our communities and they have been just shutting us down as we continue to be abused and disrespected as humans. Many greats such as Martin Luther King , Malcolm x , and Medgar Evers just to name a few were killed for speaking up and trying to bring peace and justice to our people.Many unarmed black individuals are killed by police each year and the black lives matter movement was formed in 2013 after a unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin was killed while walking home from the store . The black lives matter movement have been trying so hard to put a end to racial injustice ever since.2020 most of all have amazed me most of all because for years us as people of color were afraid to speak up about these unjust treatment we have been facing for years but this year people have raised above it most of all putting on protest , marches and standing up for peace and equality.What also makes it so amazing is even people that arent of color and taking a stand against racism (Logos)

I Stand for black people standing up for what’s right and rising above the racial inequality.As Well as trying to not just bring peace for themselves but for us as humans as a whole. I have witnessed it with my own two eyes growing up in low waged communities of african american descent, how much we have been treated unjust and sometimes demoralized just by the color of our skin. It’s time for us all to take a stand and stand for what’s right.We are finally letting our voices be heard and letting it be known that we want peace. Peace is all we want let us be judged by our inner self and not by the color skin we were born with we can change our character but we can change the color of our skin we were born with it(ETHOS