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Build your own Twitter bot: a gentle and fun introduction to Python

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    Mark Eaton

    This workshop is open to everyone who has an interest in learning about programming in Python. No prior experience needed.

    Bots work behind the scenes of the web. They can tell us the weather forecast when we ask (Siri), they systematically fix broken links on Wikipedia, they summarize financial data (Forbes), and more. In this workshop, you’ll build your own bot that tweets mashed-up text! With a “starter kit” provided by workshop leaders, you’ll customize your bot and see it send tweets out into the world. “Learning objective” of this workshop: get introduced to Python with a fun project you can show off.

    Classroom computers will be available for you to use.

    Examples of Twitter bots:
    @JustToSayBot: variations on one of William Carlos Williams’ most famous poems
    @hapaxhegemon: words that only occur once in Project Gutenberg books
    @big_ben_clock: tells time
    @accidental575: naturally-occurring haiku from newspaper and celebrity tweets
    @MechanicalPoe: three Poe stories, tweeted line by line (bot by Robin)

    (Why should librarians use Python? This programming language is a great “gateway” language to programming: commonly used and more human-readable than other languages. It’s especially good for text processing tasks, like mass-editing bibliographic data or making your own EZproxy stats analyzer.)

    Please RSVP here:

    Tuesday, December 15, 2015

    Robin Davis & Mark Eaton, workshop leaders

    Library Classroom (upstairs)
    John Jay College of Criminal Justice
    899 10th Ave., New York, NY 10019

    With regards from your Emerging Technologies Committee co-chairs,
    Julia Pollack and Mark Eaton

    Julia Pollack
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