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NY Linux Users Group at CCNY

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    evan misshula

    Hi Digital Humanists,

    The NY Linux Users Group is going to be at CCNY tomorrow night. Come check out FREE software. “You
    have nothing to lose but your chains!”

    This is a peer-supported workshop where we get together to share current challenges and approaches to solving problems or just work alongside like-minded individuals and learn through osmosis.
    This event is NOT a lecture-style meeting. The agenda is generally set when someone posses a question, so bring questions!
    Some topics of discussion are:
    -Install/configuration assistance/ (possibly a “getting started” guide)
    -Documentation/Standards/”Best Practices”
    -Current events/Conventions
    -Release testing/bug reporting
    -Other projects (Pi/Arduino/Analog devices)
    You may also find someone willing to debate VI vs Emacs (however don’t expect a conclusion to it ! )
    A laptop is not required but strongly reccomended.

    Details and map are at

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