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    Teaching and Adjuncting in the CUNY campuses

  • Group logo of Post-Election Working Group
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    An informal group for anyone interested in organizing and taking action following the 2016 Presidential Election.

    Avatar image: ”H8 is not GR8” by @Chris Piascik on Flickr […]

  • Group logo of GC DRI Jan 2017
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    A group for the GC Digital Research Institute, convening January 2017. Welcome!

  • Group logo of Hunter ACERT
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    A group for Hunter faculty hosted by Hunter’s Academic Center for Excellence in Research and Teaching (ACERT). ACERT fosters a community in which faculty use innovative pedagogy, technology, and assessment to […]

  • Group logo of Middle Eastern Studies Organization (MESO)
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    Commons group for Middle Eastern Studies Organization (MESO), hosted by the Doctoral Students’ Council (DSC) at The Graduate Center.

  • Group logo of Higher Education Certificate Program at Baruch
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    This is a site created to inform CUNY staff and faculty about the Higher Education Executive Certificate Program in Educational Research at Baruch’s School of Public Affairs and to encourage the sharing of ideas a […]

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  • Group logo of HR Recruiting Network
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    CUNY recruiters have a central place for ideas and information.

  • Group logo of Futures Initiative
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    The Futures Initiative aims to advance greater equity and innovation in higher education. Housed at the Graduate Center and reaching throughout the CUNY community, the Futures Initiative empowers the next […]

  • Group logo of Graduate Center English Student Association (ESA)
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    A group for all Doctoral students enrolled in the English Program at the Graduate Center. This site is intended for student use; to share ideas and events, get feedback, and develop professional networks. The ESA […]

  • Group logo of Cultural Currents in American Literature
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    This course considers groupings of American texts, from the seventeenth century to the early twentieth century, organized around five themes: religion and philosophy, race and slavery, gender issues, the city, and […]

  • Group logo of Digital Initiatives @ CUNY
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    This group provides a place to discuss the various platforms, strategies, and current practices relating to digital initiatives and existing digital collections in CUNY libraries. Platforms include, but are not […]

  • Group logo of Spring 2017 Foundations of Bilingual Ed at Hunter
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    Mo 4:30PM – 7:00PM
    Campus Schools 404

    A space where members of the Spring 2017 course Foundations of Bilingual Education (701 SEC 02), can access and discuss readings, share ideas and resources, post p […]

  • Group logo of CUNY Games Network
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    Visit our website at http://games.commons.gc.cuny.edu (or by clicking the Visit Blog link on the left).

    We connect educators from every campus and discipline at CUNY who are interested in games, simulations, […]

  • Group logo of CUNY Council of Chief Librarians
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    The CUNY Council of Chief Librarians develops policies and guidelines that enhance the use and effectiveness of library services throughout CUNY’s libraries. These libraries function as cooperative entities s […]

  • Group logo of John Jay College Disrupting Implicit Bias Community of Practice
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    IMPLICIT BIAS refers to the attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions, and decisions in an unconscious manner. These biases, which encompass both favorable and unfavorable judgments, are […]

  • Group logo of Digital Praxis Seminar Fall 2016
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    This is a CUNY Academic Commons group designed to support the Digital Praxis Seminar students for the 2016-2017 academic year.

  • Group logo of Critical Child and Youth Studies (Fall 2016)
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    This seminar offers an introduction to how childhood and youth is investigated across the different disciplines of the social sciences and the humanities. Beginning with the recognition that concepts of childhood […]

  • Group logo of CUNY Academic Commons Subcommittee
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    A subcommittee of the CUNY Committee on Academic Technology (CAT) that focuses on the CUNY Academic Commons. Group membership in this private group is limited to committee members.

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    FALL 2016 | CUNY GRADUATE CENTER | ENGL 89500 / MALS 7850