• Group logo of English Program American Literature Group
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    This group is a space for faculty and students in the PhD Program in English to discuss matters like faculty appointments and curriculum.

  • Group logo of LACUNY Professional Development Committee
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    This is a space for the LACUNY Professional Development Committee to share information and respond to the interests of the LACUNY community.

    Derek Stadler, Chair

  • Group logo of Mapas alternos
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    Este es el sitio web de Mapas alternos: Comunidades latinas de Nueva York y San Francisco, un proyecto de Telecolaboración entre un grupo de estudiantes de la Universidad de San Francisco y otro de Queensborough […]

  • Group logo of Great Digs Fall 2017 – MALS 74500
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    This is the group for Great Digs Fall 2017, MALS 74500, and will be the online mechanism for communication.

  • Group logo of US in the World 2017
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    This is the group for Karen Miller’s US in the World Fall 2017 MALS Introduction to Graduate Studies class.

  • Group logo of LACUNY Scholarly Communications Roundtable
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    This group is where members of the LACUNY Scholarly Communications Roundtable (and anyone else who is interested) can discuss programming and issues relating to scholarly communications in the libraries and […]

  • Group logo of Advisory Group on Online Ed Policy
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    The Advisory Group on Online Ed Policy is a subcommittee of the CUNY Committee on Academic Technology (CAT) advising the Academic Policy Committee (a subcommittee of the Academic Council, comprising the chief […]

  • Group logo of John Jay Practical Teaching Seminar 2017-18
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    The Practical Teaching Seminar focuses on introducing and modelling effective, hands-on strategies for classroom learning and management, many of which also apply to online teaching. Drawing from constructivist, […]

  • Group logo of American Studies at CUNY
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    This is an open group for American Studies scholars at all CUNY campuses. Join us for discussions of scholarship and the sharing of other information about interdisciplinary programs with an American focus.

  • Group logo of Revolutionizing American Studies
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    This group is one of the arms of the Revolutionizing American Studies initiative, the fuller description of which is available at its partner blog site: […]

  • Group logo of Digital Studies Group
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    The Digital Studies Group (DSG) brings together CUNY faculty members, researchers, and doctoral students interested in a broad range of intellectual, cultural, economic, legal, and pedagogical issues related to […]

  • Group logo of Discussion Board at BMCC WAC
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    A place for BMCC community members to discuss all things WAC.

  • Group logo of Test
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    Testing WAC

  • Group logo of New Media Lab
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    THE NEW MEDIA LAB (NML) assists City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate Center faculty and doctoral students from a variety of academic disciplines to create multimedia projects based on their own scholarly […]

  • Group logo of Media & Digital Technology Consortium
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    This consortium represents departments and graduate programs in media studies, interactive arts, journalism, computer science, and digital humanities from across CUNY.

  • Group logo of CUNY Games Network
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    Visit our website at http://games.commons.gc.cuny.edu (or by clicking the Visit Blog link on the left).

    We connect educators from every campus and discipline at CUNY who are interested in games, simulations, […]

  • Group logo of CUNY Council of Chief Librarians
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    The CUNY Council of Chief Librarians develops policies and guidelines that enhance the use and effectiveness of library services throughout CUNY’s libraries. These libraries function as cooperative entities s […]

  • Group logo of ITP Core 1 Fall 2017
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    This course group site will be used for routine communications, and where course readings in .pdf format will be posted in the “Files” section.

  • Group logo of The Graduate Center Earth and Environmental Sciences
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    This is the group page for the Earth and Environmental Sciences Department at The Graduate Center, CUNY

  • Group logo of The American Renaissance - Fall 2017
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    Known as the American Renaissance, the decades leading up to the Civil War are generally regarded not only as the peak moment in American literary expression but also as a watershed of cultural themes reaching […]