Conferences on the Commons


A growing number of conferences from across CUNY have hosted their website on the Commons; contact our team to learn how the Commons can support your conference.

The CUNY Games Conference


The CUNY Games Conference has been running for for many years, bringing together educators from across CUNY and beyond to share their strategies for games-based teaching and learning. The conference hosted workshops lead by CUNY Games Organizers on modifying existing games for the classroom and how to incorporate elements of play into simulations and critical thinking activities. The conference also offers poster sessions, playtesting, and game play.

The conference is hosted each year by the CUNY Games Network, a group of over 100 educators interested in games, simulations, and other forms of interactive teaching.

CUNY Doctoral Theatre Students’ Association Conference


Doctoral Theatre Students’ Association (DTSA) is the recognized program student association for the Ph.D. Program in Theatre and Performance at the Graduate Center, CUNY. We are one of the largest graduate programs with a student body of diverse interests and backgrounds, and support each other on research, pedagogy, and artistic endeavors.

The annual student conference has been designed and run by the DTSA since 2016. Our conferences reflect the democratic organization and rich perspectives within the DTSA. Experimenting with various conference models in each iteration, these academic and artistic meetings catalyze our collective reflections on the current state of performing arts as well as the performances in the social. With overwhelming number of participants each year, we are building a unique community of scholars and practitioners who has joined us in the heart of New York City from across the world.

John Jay Faculty Development Day


In a time of continued challenges and unexpected events, we are consistently finding ways to connect with our students, each other, and our scholarly and creative projects. Let’s start 2023 by recognizing the positives in light of the many challenges we and our students are facing. The theme for this spring’s Faculty Development Day is “Wins, Gains, and Validations: What’s Working and Worth Sharing?”

Our Spring 2023 Faculty Development Day will take place both in person and virtually on Tuesday, January 24th, 2023. Morning and afternoon breakout sessions will be offered on Zoom; coffee, a college wide plenary, and lunch will be provided in person. Our in person opportunities may change in response to weather-related concerns.

Teach@CUNY Summer Institute


In 2018 the Teaching and Learning Center launched the initial Teach@CUNY Summer Institute for rising second-year CUNY Graduate Center students. Now in its fifth year, the Institute prepares new college instructors not only for their upcoming teaching responsibilities, but for a lifetime as engaged, committed educators. Each class of Graduate Teaching Fellows will work with approximately 50,000 CUNY undergraduates over a three-year span and, overall, Graduate Center students teach approximately 150,000 CUNY undergraduates every year. The Institute welcomes these scholars into a community of faculty committed to CUNY’s mission to serve the whole people of New York.

CUNY C19 Conference


The Victorian Committee of the CUNY Graduate Center was founded in 1978, and the first conference took place in 1982. The  2021 conference, Hard Border(s): Ireland and the British Question focused on “Ireland in the long 19thC”. 

Learn more about the Victorian Committee of the CUNY Graduate Center and their past conferences by visiting the 2021 conference site.


8th National Symposium on Spanish as a Heritage Language (NSSHL) 


The National Symposium on Spanish as a Heritage Language (NSSHL) is an intellectual forum for the discussion of both the variable linguistic reality of Spanish heritage bilingualism in the United States (and elsewhere), and the diverse pedagogical needs of students of Spanish as a heritage language.

Learn more about the National Symposium on Spanish as a Heritage Language (NSSHL) by visiting the 2021 conference site. Learn more about the organizers of the event here:  Institute for Language Education in Transcultural Context.


Teach@CUNY Summer Institute


The Teach@CUNY Summer Institute is offered each summer to prepare new college instructors not only for their upcoming teaching responsibilities, but also for a lifetime as engaged, committed educators. The Institute hosts plenaries, small seminar groups, and workshops for graduate teaching fellows who will be teaching at CUNY the following Fall semester. Learn more about GC’s Teaching and Learning Center here.

CUNY Language Society and Culture Conference


The CUNY Language Society and Culture Conference “brings together scholars and students from across the CUNY colleges, with an emphasis on the participation of community colleges, to share a rich body of scholarly work in all relevant fields and encourage students to participate in scholarly research.” The conference was hosted by the Speech program at Kingsborough Community College.