Nursing Educators at CUNY (NYCNECT)

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A community of practice comprised of CUNY nursing educators (full time, adjunct and clinical instructors) and staff devoted to improving teaching and learning practices among CUNY nursing schools and programs.

Members are encouraged to actively participate in this group by sharing and inquiring about tips and strategies for improving instruction, as well as innovative instructional technologies and tools for traditional classroom, clinical, or online learning environments. Additionally, we welcome posts dedicated to networking and collaboration, promoting CUNY events of interest, and sharing details about upcoming conferences and Calls for Abstracts/Papers.

Originally a closed learning space for trainees enrolled in the New York City Nursing Education Consortium in Technology (NYCNECT), we welcome all who share a collective concern or passion for improving how we educate nurses to become better clinicians and improve the safety and quality of patient care.


NYCNECT is a CUNY-wide faculty development initiative supported by HRSA which offers annual training programs to faculty interested in teaching and learning with technology, with a focus on innovative instructional strategies using simulation, informatics, telehealth, and mobile devices. Read more at

Nursing Educators at CUNY (NYCNECT)

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