• Group logo of Demystifying technological environments
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    Intro to MALS: Demystifying Technological Environments
    Joan Greenbaum/ Fall 2015/ Tuesdays 6:30-8:30
    MALS 70000 [28841] Room 3212
    jgreenbaum@gc.cuny.edu/ office: 6304.25

    This course critically examines […]

  • Group logo of EDR 605 Fall 2015
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    This is the closed group for the EDR 605 Writing Workshop spring 2014 and will focus on the advancement of writing skills through intensive writing, modeling, and multiple drafting in a workshop context. Critical […]

  • Group logo of Fashion Studies @ CUNY GC
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    A group that brings together faculty and students interested in the critical and rigorous understanding of fashion as a manufacturing industry, an symbolic apparatus. Please visit the following […]

  • Group logo of LACUNY Scholarly Communications Roundtable
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    This group is where members of the LACUNY Scholarly Communications Roundtable (and anyone else who is interested) can discuss programming and issues relating to scholarly communications in the libraries and […]

  • Group logo of LACUNY Emerging Technologies Committee
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    The LACUNY Emerging Technologies Committee is dedicated to collaborative exploration of technologies that further the CUNY libraries’ missions. Through workshops, hack days, demoes, and other meetings, CUNY […]

  • Group logo of Open Access Publishing Network @ CUNY (OaPN @ CUNY)
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    A group for CUNY faculty, staff, and graduate students interested in open access publishing for scholarly communication.

    Group avatar includes the Open Access Publishing logo designed by PLoS and available on Wi […]

  • Group logo of ITP Core 1 Fall 2015
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    A group and site for the Interactive Technology and Pedagogy Certificate Program’s Core 1 Seminar.

  • Group logo of Hunter CEDF 715 – Diversity in the American School
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    This group will provide graduate students in Hunter College’s Diversity in the American School (CEDF 7152) with a platform to share course materials and contribute writing posts.

  • Group logo of The WAC Resource Center
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    The centralized, online location for articles, tools, and tips designed to support
    Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) at CUNY.

    NOTE TO 2015-2016 WAC FELLOWS: If you’re looking for the advance readings and […]

  • Group logo of Library Technology Subcommittee of the CUNY Committee on Academic Technology
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    A standing committee reporting to the CUNY Committee on Academic Technology about the interplay of academic technology and libraries.

  • Group logo of Early Islamic Art and Architecture - Course Group - Fall 2015
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    Early Islamic Art and Architecture Course Group for Fall 2015 with E. Macaulay-Lewis.

  • Group logo of CUNY Academic Commons Team
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    This is a private group used by the CUNY Academic Commons Community Team to plan and develop enhancements to the site.

    Photo Credit: Virgin Media apprentices at the Brathay Apprentice Challenge by Apprenticeships.

  • Group logo of Urban Environmental Studies Research Group
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    this is the group for Prof. Jennifer Adams’s research squad on urban environmental studies

  • Group logo of New Media Lab
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    THE NEW MEDIA LAB (NML) assists City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate Center faculty and doctoral students from a variety of academic disciplines to create multimedia projects based on their own scholarly […]

  • Group logo of Futures Initiative
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    The Futures Initiative aims to advance greater equity and innovation in higher education. Housed at the Graduate Center and reaching throughout the CUNY community, the Futures Initiative empowers the next […]

  • Group logo of Digital Humanities Initiative
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    The CUNY Digital Humanities Initiative (CUNY DHI), launched in Fall 2010, aims to build connections and community among those at CUNY who are applying digital technologies to scholarship and pedagogy in the […]

  • Group logo of Digital Studies Group
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    The Digital Studies Group (DSG) brings together CUNY faculty members, researchers, and doctoral students interested in a broad range of intellectual, cultural, economic, legal, and pedagogical issues related to […]

  • Group logo of Center for Place, Culture and Politics
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    The Center for Place, Culture and Politics at the Graduate Center

  • Group logo of CUNY Pie
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    A group of CUNYites who love pizza. Pizza of the month excursions, with write-ups on the CUNY Pie blog . Please join us!

  • Group logo of Committee for the Study of Religion
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    The Mellon Committee for the Study of Religion at the CUNY Graduate Center