whats are concern about the environment we have?

Today in class we spoke about this and we find some people had problems with deforinstation which is people are burning forests to get oil and some people had topics like about cars and i find that food is a problem because process food is what we have they are making people sick because of all the chemical they put in it and all the concern that we us waste alot of food and there is alot of people who is suffering to get food.


When we waste food, we’re not just wasting food. We’re also wasting all the resources that went into growing it. A great report by the NRDC illustrates just how much this adds up. Food waste ends up wasting nearly a quarter of our water supply in the form of uneaten food or over $172 billion in wasted water. Each year, as a country we spend over $220 billion growing, transporting, and processing almost 70 million tons of food that ends up going to waste. If the land that we cultivate growing food that goes to waste in the US were all in one place, it would cover more than 3/4 of California! Growing food that goes to waste ends up using up 21% of our freshwater, 19% of our fertilizer, 18% of our cropland, and 21% of our landfill volume.



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