THTR 131 – Significant Other Response Paper

In the world of love and relationships, the dating scene is never complete without a whirlwind of emotions. Significant Other portrays a modern depiction of what it’s like to be single while everyone just so happens to have a ring on their finger. The plot centers around 29-year old Jordan who’s been the supporter, shoulder and shadow for his friends as they start their own lives while he’s still trying to find “the one”. As Jordan begins to develop interest in his co-worker Will, he spirals into a hole of uncertainty, spontaneity, and frustration. When given the chance, he initiates the first move which then turns into a movie outing and later an impulsive confession through email. All the while, as he fails and attempts to go on multiple dates, his friends, Kiki, Vanessa and Laura find love right around the corner. Joyful as they are, Jordan is having a difficult time and lashes out towards the people he cares for the most. However, he comes to realize with the help of his grandmother that a chapter of life can be tough to get through but as one ends and another starts. The most important thing is that the book is long and love will arrive right into place.

Significant Other’s production was done quite well. The backgrounds, details and stage props fit each of the scenes and felt as if I was watching a movie. Take for example, in the office scene, the zoom backgrounds consisted of kitchens with mugs and a refrigerator disguised as a break room. These points are what help bring the play to life. When the scene called for recollection of a moment, the shift in lighting and effects brought that flashback feel of going back in time. I believe all the actors and actresses delivered a spectacular performance with some even playing multiple roles. The display of emotions and reactions as well as the casual conversation between friends were carried out accurately as this is how millennials and teenagers tend to communicate with each other. This aspect is what I enjoyed the most because of its relatability in terms of how we act in situations where we may find interest in someone, feel left out in our own friend group, battle our inner emotions and learn to cope with some of life’s curveballs.

Another essential part of the play was the costume design. Though, nothing out of the ordinary, I was able to take note of different outfits for each occasion the actors and actresses dressed up in. Sometimes even by the nature of the clothing, we can tell a character’s personality by how they dress. For instance, Laura was dressed very modestly, usually long-sleeved shirts and sweaters which gave the notion of her being sweet, humble and reserved. Ranging from party wear, to jeans and t-shirts to wedding dresses to suits and skirts, this kept the play unraveling onto the next scene and filled the plot with different side stories.

Overall, Significant Other was a play I definitely had fun watching. I think what captured my attention was the content itself. This enactment of being in your late twenties and finally settling down is exactly what I imagined it would be like. I find that most teenagers and millennials will most likely agree and seek comfort in this play as it adheres to certain situations in our daily lives. We know what and how the characters are feeling which makes it easy to put ourselves in their shoes and react the same way they did. Aside from love, there are important lessons and issues that arise such as not rushing time or forcing circumstances, feeling jealous of our friend’s lives or accomplishments and also learning to focus on ourselves before someone else.


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